OutSourced Programs

  • Cleaning consultants USA  can perform all benchmarking measurements, just as we do with in-house programs
  • In addition, as your cleaning consultants, we can analyze your current specifications to see if this is what you will need to maintain your facility at a high level.  Are your specifications adequate or are they overkill?
  • We can then monitor the progress of the successful contractor by performing scheduled, and random quality inspections, over a determined length of time


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RFP’s – Cleaning consultants USA can then create and monitor the complete RFP process, from start to finish or any step along the way that you would like our support.  We can recommend high quality contractors that are performing successfully in your area, at similar facilities.  Since we are professional cleaning consultants, we can assist with contractor qualifications, selection, and complete the process with negotiations of your contract and final installation of the successful vendor.  We can also help design the RFP to fulfill quality benchmarks, and or financial benchmarks, or both, whichever is best for your organization.
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