In House Programs

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As your cleaning consultants, we can measure or benchmark your program or facility against similar organizations around the country.  This will create a starting point on where you stand against your peer facilities and other organizations. Help you to optimize your in house program to be more:
  • Efficient
  • Productive
  • Cost Effective
  • Improve your quality
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Part of what we do as your cleaning consultants is that we can tandem our assignment mapping system with our benchmarking services, to offer a complete road map for your staff to follow on a daily, interim and restorative task basis.  This will serve as a guide for them to follow while completing their assignments and help them stay on track.  This is a great motivator, and adds to a create a very positive experience.  It also lends the employees to feel included, because we use their input while creating the service runs
  • Provide assessment of your current equipment.
  • Is it the right size for the job?
  • Are there better alternatives out there?
  • Look at your current supplies, are they the best for helping your staff get things done, as well as their cost and are they user friendly for your staff?  Are they clean and do they help you qualify for LEED status?
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Management staff assessment….What does your staff bring to the table?…Do they know how to manage and supervise?

In my experience I have found that a lot of individuals are promoted without being given the proper tools to succeed…..This is a demoralizing situation which can be very counter-productive to the whole organization.

How can they be better at what they do and be a true asset to the organization. Complete custodial training programs….From instructional classroom training to hands on training…For both management staff as well as front line workers by our cleaning consultant professionals.

Training is an invaluable tool to help build teamwork throughout the organization. Quality inspection programs.  We will do thorough cross section inspections of all areas of your organization.

Quality needs to identify not only the areas that need improvement, but celebrate the victories that have been achieved by the organization, especially withing their in house program or programs.  Our system will help you achieve both, through positive feedback to all of your staff